Our Veterinarian
Dr. Joseph Ewaskiewicz, VMD, PhD

"Dr. Joe” as he is commonly known, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine with his VMD in 1996 and has since practiced in Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.  He has worked in mixed animal practice as well as exclusively dairy practice, and enjoys the challenges of working on all species. He also enjoys passing on his knowledge of animals to others.  Dr. Ewaskiewicz has a PhD in Biochemistry in addition to his VMD. He spends his time away from the clinic taking care of his three active children, playing his guitar, running as well as a riding his bike. He has Jebadiah (Jeb), a slightly neurotic chocolate lab, Banabas Boo, a West Highland White Terrier and Gizmo, a Lhasapoo. Isaac and Miley are his cats who reside at the clinic.

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